I believe there is a single moment in life which leads you down a new road and brings forth experiences that can shape an idea into something great.

Founder, Snap and Giggle

Everything Starts with an Idea…

My single moment occurred at home while in conversation with my parents during dinner. My father would often speak of natural health remedies he had discovered online or in an article. Casually, he would mention unsubstantiated facts, such as “did you know that cinnamon and honey can cure just about anything?” Well, no, but I’m sure it tastes great. This particular day, however, he presented me with a thick, hardcovered, somewhat controversial book entitled “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” by American author Kevin Trudeau. I remember lugging the book back to my room, sitting on my bed, and ingesting its contents with ravenous force. I’ve never inhaled information like that in my life. Something inside me knew this was a special moment, perhaps my awakening. It was this moment that led me to enroll and successfully graduate from nutrition school, which helped me land a management role in the organic department of a major grocery chain.

This role exposed me to a variety of foods I never knew existed. I can remember my excitement as I walked down each aisle analyzing every item sitting on the shelf. Snack foods, baking ingredients, beverages, cooking oils, all containing clean ingredients. I was thrilled to discover alternatives to conventional pantry items, such as coconut based non-stick spray, organic powdered sugar, and even organic vegan marshmallows. I was like a kid in a healthy candy store!

Something began to stir inside me. I wanted to do something that would mirror these feelings of excitement in others. I wanted parents to sigh in relief, knowing they could pack their child a delicious lunch treat that contained no harmful ingredients. I wanted the triathlon athlete to fuel her body without concern over compromised performance.

I had an idea, and I was going to make it great.

Snap Giggle Shoes

But What Does the Name Mean?

Funny you should ask. Sometimes a great idea is actually spawned out of a preceding idea, and since we are now like family, I feel like I can share this tiny little nib of a secret. Truthfully, I had slightly different ambitions. My original conception for Snap & Giggle was to be a bean-to-bar artisan chocolate producer. I spent months researching this endeavor and learned quite a bit about chocolate production, including the art of tempering. Without going into too much detail, tempering is what gives chocolate that shiny refined look, and firm feel. Correctly tempered chocolate should break off with a “snap” when you bite it, and melt smoothly in your mouth. This smooth chocolate melting in your mouth contains a mild stimulant and neurotransmitter called Theobromine. Theobromine releases a compound called anandamide, which is known to trigger feelings of euphoria and contentment…perhaps enough to make you want to giggle. In essence, a well made healthy chocolate bar should snap off in your mouth, and make you want to giggle.


Our Ethos

We are a responsible and trusted organization who genuinely cares for you, as well as those involved in bringing our products to life. We want you to share and enjoy our products with family and friends, without concern over harmful ingredients from unethical sources. Workers, communities, and our planet are all involved in delivering healthy products to you. Everyone wins.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with worry free snack options so that you can achieve your health goals today and live happier tomorrow.

Do you want to snack guilt free and worry free? Do you only want the best for your body?

These Values are at the Core of What We Do.


For workers, communities and the planet. We proudly partner with responsible and accountable suppliers who believe in giving back.


Genuine care for the well-being of our customers. As nutritionists, health is our priority and we only offer products that reinforce a healthy lifestyle.


We have worry free standards.
We ensure due diligence on our part and guarantee that we provide you with quality items, worry free, every time!


Relentless, undying passion for natural health. We hope to inspire change through nutrition, and we want to be inspired by the changes that you make.